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Brazilian Academy

I am certain of that Freire Ribeiro was an adept of the theory of the transmigrao of the souls, as they believed Scrates, Pitgoras and other thinkers, I see that all its ressuda workmanship this I smell of the root of the universal life and its mutations. Proper it if allows me, seems to have been a perpetual caminhante in this interminable trip for the roads of the existence human being. is as soon as, 30 years later, and as a reaffirmation of my thesis, the Poet comes back to speak in facts of its previous ticket for these strange ways it who says in them: Vises of my life in these my passing In the Saara without end! In sovereign lines Your mstico profile, iris of the caravans Of Tunis and of Made, in the long ones walked! Candies memory of a thousand loved things: Ciganas Fumos of narguils, nostalgias! Songs of dream and pain alone for me sung In the mysteries without pair of the Muslim nights! Crying out for the sky of muezim in prece Rose rubra to bleed, your heart suffers, Remembered the love that the vile world undid! They guard the sun to die flake clouds golden: With homesickness of you, langue flower of Morocco, Minh? soul goes to cry in the peace of Mequinez. Clodoaldo de Alencar, poet of fine lineage, close friend of Freire Ribeiro, wrote: ' ' Deep estilstica affinity, between Malba Than and J. Film director gathered all the information. Freire Ribeiro irmanou these two original writers.

First, the orientalista one of it chats and as, of the lyric and polmtrico verse. Nobody better, in the Portuguese language described the great caravans and the lines princesses of its time, loving itself it the shade of miraculous oases of the desert of the Saara. I believe, exactly that, a historical lapse only took Malba Tahan to leave to enter the Brazilian Academy of Letters.

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