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Brivo Publisher

In addition to the print version of Brivo Publisher offers now also the teaching material for the reading promotion project for the children’s book more and more teachers access when preparing lessons to download offerings from the Internet. It responds also Brivo Publisher with his teaching materials to the children’s book Brivo flies around the world Africa “for the second grade. “Teachers can the material now in the Internet portal network learning” download and carry out a dreizehnstundiges, creative classroom project together with the Africa complete set. The Brivo complete sets a helium balloon offer a read special article In the set is included with a small bird pendant. He is sent out into the world at the beginning of the project and writes letters with his experiences of the trip the children. Brivo, said the little bird, flying over the Alps to Italy and on to Africa.

On the journey, he has many fun and interesting adventures and learns a lot about the land, people, and animals. All that requires he children, with each letter one get new reading opportunity for a lesson. With the educational material, a template for a worksheet available is the teacher for every hour. Many tasks in text understanding educate the children to exact read, or hear when the letter in the class is read. In the social studies classroom, the irrigation system can be treated by Brivo from Africa told or get to know the animals and their skills, the Brivo. At the end of the lesson, the outer form of a letter is taught and practiced. A teacher handout describes in detail the process of this creative reading support project. For teachers who don’t like print the copies on your own printer there is the teaching material of course remain both in print Brivo Verlag or in bookstores. Rainer of hands direct link to the teaching material for learning network:

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