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Cartridge Price

Now about the advantages of compatible cartridges, as they are made under license manufacturers of office equipment, they must pay a license, they have more costs to manufacture, and compatible with the price Cartridge prices below the original cartridge. Kindle Direct Publishing brings even more insight to the discussion. As stated in the label to pay. Choose what to use cartridges, we have all the same consumer, and consumer voting ruble, and he chooses, according to statistics 60% of sales – Is the sale of compatible cartridges. So draw your own conclusions, even in the photo labs are compatible cartridges, of course I do not mean brand kodakovskie. Now for the filling of cartridges. Cartridge refill prolongs the life of the cartridge, and costs about 400 rubles, which at 1500 pages of print is roughly 40 cents per page, this price includes the price of the page. Some people believe that you can do yourself and dressing cartridges.

I bought a toner cartridge is opened, fell asleep toner cartridge closed and can be printed. We even had a case where our tanker offered money for the secret of refilling cartridges, and the renegade sold it, but the result remains the same as for dressing all the same appeal they continue. We refill cartridge otrabotanna to detail, our instruction consists of 32 points, her leadership, our tanker, refueling quality has grown significantly. What the same advantages of refilling cartridges other than price? First – it's easy, if a company has spent a month in a certain number of cartridges, then signing a contract for refueling cartridges, refueling themselves come to the right time, do watch the power consumption of cartridges and quietly solve the problem with supplies. Second – less waste, poly materials have a long expansion, the problem of waste management there, and we still jobs, hence GDP growth. Conclusion: buy the original cartridge, compatible cartridge purchase or call the masters – it's an individual opinion of each consumer. Our office equipment is not perfect, there are many shortcomings, I presented a brief history of the supplies, the output for you.

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