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Consider Astrology

We understand that Yes, since it covers a series of laws that have accumulated through the observacion and principios, and you can also see that many of these principles are reliable. Within the astrological tradition ourselves with theories that are not fiables, does not mean that we have to completely reject the astrological tradition. All sciences change and grow continuously, and theories appear and disappear, they are rechazadas or transformed, or included within a more complete theory; Astrology is no different. Based on the observations of millions of people upward long periods of time, astrology can assert quite legitimately that it is a psychological science, when astrological principles are studied and applied properly. By placing the human being in a cosmic frame of reference, Astrology has a unique ability to connect the conscience of the individual with its essential Thinketh, and fosters a deep self-knowledge intenso. If astrology is used properly, you don’t see covered with a complex theory; It may be only a simple explanation of the vital energies and cosmic factors operating in the interior and through the individual. In general terms, the role of the astrologer does not inspire any respect, and even is constantly ridiculed. Currently, astrologers are condemned to social exclusion, and poorly remunerated economicamente, except for a few stars of the media who practice a sensationalist astrology in self-dealing and that thereby decry even more, especially in the academic field, the efforts of those who defend astrology and want it to appear as it should, as a science. Francisco Lorenzo. AstroWorld. is astrologer and co-creator and co-author of Astroworld (professional astrology Software) image and personal Marketing expert Blogs similar GoodShoppingDay Fashion show en Rio Hondo (The Downey Patriot) The World From The Lorenzo Rim Angle Used Car Donation Tips Sciences guide the not so amazing Ratamata and Hessirem Lorenzo completo Return Lights Up Final Test blog city of the arts and the Sciences of Valencia Walnut Yo-Yo for cracking all your nuts by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei Former FIA man: Formula is badly designed FIA Merc and Renault orders to alter diffusers operating tomorrow Baby Rasta Wikiton Magazine source #1 in Sof Sole Insoles & Socks Review The Trail Running Blog

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