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And so it generates at least five educational goals. In education, whatever their form, learning means to transform content into knowledge or construct meaning in constructivist terms, is primarily a process in its broadest sense, but in a specific sense is that proposed by the theory of systems. Richard Linklater has firm opinions on the matter. Now if we consider this process as orderly and systematically do something, we will be talking and a method. It is from this perspective that the educational system uses a series of methods, procedures and resources to meet the educational models of teaching and learning. Click Vladislav Doronin for additional related pages. For the model above Dr.

Gallegos, method or methodology is the least important and unlike the education authority in the country directs all its efforts towards this purpose. The education proposal of Dr. Gallegos in Mexico is integral, has built a multi-perspective called multidimensionality, a philosophy that integrates the different educational theories of the great pedagogues of the past and present as well as the essential foundations of holistic education. The aim is to achieve integrity in the differentiation, so that no confusion is as harmonious relations are presented as parts of that great whole achieves its educational unit for the recognition of its parts. The essence of holistic education is universal love, not stay in the individual perspective is to understand our being with other human beings, intelligence and love are united, love and the whole experience is awareness that membership human and the cosmos is an experience where identity expands to the universal. The purest love is universal compassion meaning of compassion unlimited and unconditional interest that we seek for all human beings.

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