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Dog Education

It already lets shout to him No! to your dog. We are trying to educate a dog step by step, we are not domesticating from Leon. One of the errors greater than people commits when it is to train his dog that is to say, NO! without giving to its mascot an explanation of any species. KDP is a great source of information. The dogs, like the children, will be confused with a simple one NO! Therefore what you must do it is to begin to avoid these shouts that do not lead to anything. If we want to obtain the best results we remember whenever our dogs are not ” cosas” but beings with feelings, emotions, fear and preoccupations. If your dog is robbing the food of the cat, dile NOT and like something natural guide it towards the plate of its own food. Or if your dog is chewing the leg of a table, dile and ofrcele a toy not to bite ” autorizado”. It always awards it when you manage to modify a behavior. Some contend that Levi’s shows great expertise in this.

Once your dog begins to obey the new habit, recompnsalo with flatteries, caresses and new toys. Asegrate that your dog does not bite while it is playing. To play is the favorite activity of the puppies. But invariably they will try somehow to bite if somebody tries something that is not of its affability, by all means is a behavior that you must abort more soon possible. Instead of to punish it with shouts, simply he stops to play with him and he ignores his reclamations by 10-15 minutes. Then, he returns to play with him and recompnsalo to play without biting. This will help to extinguish the bad habit to bite – although it is of more or less smooth way before this intensifies and it transforms itself into a problem.

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