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Eduardo Galeano

A worldwide used skillfully as a smokescreen behind which the military, the Government then owners, hid the disaster of its management. Thirty thousand missing ended up disappearing behind that numbing curtain I embriago everyone less to the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo who still feel the weight and guava from not having seen more yours. Sabe, Professor? Now walk a few teachers out there with the deception that the most important thing is not teaching or learning, or memorization, but to the aprehendizaje. I do not understand that. Probably it’s a spelling mistake and placed a hache was going no where. Or perhaps another extranjerismo of those who flood our language and against which us Spanish teacher prevented, say things very difficult to understand. They argue, for example, that for the development of education is necessary to take into account the culture, the atmosphere surrounding the school, environment and all those nonsense.

Rather, would play the blond monkey forget the Nile, the Tigris and the Ganges and learn the name of streams of the people. How awful! How is, sine Lucy? Crazy, right? Or is Today you would that do not ban us that we saw the World Cup matches. Otherwise, take advantage of this evil event to talk about these gentlemen so vacant that passed life kicking ball from here and there to here.I do not know from which removed Eduardo Galeano (do the same of the open veins AM?RICA LATINA) that that football remains one of the most powerful expressions of cultural identity, those that remind us that the best thing in the world is in the amount of worlds containing the world if he turned up in full compulsory globalization era, poet Galeano talking about that sport. But well, thinking about it well, it would not have been so bad that take into account the environment and the topics for the aprehendizaje.

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