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El Libertador Education

Learn the history of Simon Rodriguez is talking about the great liberator of America Simon Bolivar, since approaches represented in 5 Bolivarian republics based on the teachings taught by this great philosopher and Venezuelan educator that history recognizes him as the main mentor of Bolivar. But the story not only reminds Simon Rodriguez, educator of men free if not as Simon Rodriguez, trainer of free men. His theories today approaches and concepts very clear and very well structured at about how an ideal system to impart quality education to the length and breadth of the continent should be established. Simon Rodriguez, trainer gives us a basis to guide clear conceptions of quality education: 1. education to train people and authentic citizens. 2. Education that teaches to learn 3. Education that teaches to work and appreciate the work and the worker.

4 train and educate to form person and authentic citizens, with an education in the values of coexistence. They may notice that within the taorias offered by this grandiose Venezuelan educator, Simon Rodriguez educator, there are theories that to this day has not been implemented in many Latin American educational systems. These concepts, theories and approaches can be found in the literary legacy left by this great figures of the Venezuelan knowledge among these works include El Libertador of noon of America and their comrades in arms, defended by a friend of the social cause; The soil and its inhabitants; Concise summary on Republican education; Friend advice given to the College of Latacunga and critique of the orders of the Government.

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