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Fear Affirmations

From hunted becomes the pursuer. Watch this film is mandatory. Methods of getting rid of fear are many, but effective, I believe four of them. In different situations you can use a more appropriate occasion or a combination thereof 1. Radical (commonly used in extreme situations:).

Based on the principle of 'know the truth and the truth shall make you free. " If you're afraid of something, find out about it as much as possible and do it. If you step on the way to his fear, he turneth away from you yourself, thus you win it. And the fear of losing power over you. If you do not do this, you will soon master the fear of you and your life. Zulu proverb says that if you see before him two dangers: one behind, the second – ahead, it is desirable to choose the second, as always, no matter what, you should move forward to a new, albeit unknown. Our today's hero, choosing between their fears, overcome the fact that it seemed the lesser evil. However, he won his first fear, and this gave him a powerful charge energy to overcome the rest.

2. Affirmation – a simple statement that a person repeats aloud or silently. Perhaps the affirmations – this is the easiest way to influence the subconscious mind. You can do affirmations anywhere, anytime. Simply choose an affirmation that expresses your desires, and repeat it several times. Affirmations work on the principle of substitution. At any time the mind is capable of holding just a thought, so are the affirmations is filling the mind thoughts that reinforce your goal.

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