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The principle I will describe some personages who had been part of my history, its vision and what she marked in my life. First I must speak of me. Dan Milmam: It wanted to be optimum did not matter as, was self-sufficient, irresponsible, arrogant, but dom had one. The Technician of the college Mr. Garry: – Who works hard with me obtains resulted. Well, this age what it always spoke, but when somebody did not obtain what it glimpsed, received its total disdain, it not it had security, on its work. Tomy: Member of the gymnastics team, one of the few people who I would have to be next in the gymnastics team, but that I did not act of correct form with it.

Dory: Namorada de Tomy. On Dory, I prefer not to comment, I must learn and forget. Joy: I knew it by chance, serious it my future bigger dream. A wonderful girl, who wise person as nobody the power of the cure for the hands. Scrates: Server, prestativo, listener, with a leadership power generated respect, authority and responsibility, promoted the incentive for the experience and admiration.

For the description of the qualities he was one of the personages who had more marked my history. According to James C. Hunter, in its book the serving leader, it define the leadership concept as: The ability to influence people to work enthusiasticly aiming at to reach common objectives, inhaled in the confidence by means of the force of the character. Thus I could define Scrates. After now describing some important people in the context of history I can to start. Everything starts with a dream. Where somebody together my pieces, crumbs that if spread, pieces of me, were a fall, an error. I feel pain, but it has somebody that this joining each piece of me. I remember the different shoes.

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