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Foucault Educative

This is not more than the function of agent of the socialization that it has and that as much him weight of which &quot spoke to us; old and querido" Durkheim. But this function is not the unique one that it owns, also is formed to offer to its students knowledge that the picked up humanity as a whole to and that seem to be in background against the reality of a hour extension that it looks for to solve problems of social nature and not as much educative, and that in addition load to the educational ones with a weight for which no they are neither preparations nor within its roll. Often I have felt desire to shout. I do not want to be father of my students, I want to be its teacher! It would never assume a responsibility that is not incumbent on to me, to help yes in the clear task that, but to occupy a roll that would be so injurious for the student as the absence of the same, that yes that not it desire, neither for me nor for no educational one which one boasts. To be father or mother is for all the educational life however to be hard a school year.

If we are going to extend the schedule we do it with coherence, offering him to the students a greater educative and locativa supply. Constructing more halls the things are not fixed either, but extending the educative spaces gymnasiums, factories, theaters, campings, libraries that in many cases can be outside the school. When the schedule extends the school is in danger to become a jail for the students who feel under control and for the educational one that the experience like jailer. It is not newness mine who the educative centers have much common with the jails said already it Foucault; for that reason it is precise to extend the educative supply, substantially.

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