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The research of the Dra. Kriger had demonstrated that the energies of the custodians could increase the levels of hemoglobina in the patients, a similar phenomenon to the increase in the content of clorofila in plants treated for a custodian. This was one of the first used parameters to effect mensuraes quantitative biochemists in human beings with the intention to detect the effect of the curativas energies. The Dra. Kriger advanced in its research and demonstrated that the people could learn to effect cures. Its nurse-tutrixes obtained to produce rises in the levels of hemoglobina of the similar patients to those produced by people of course endowed with dom to cure, demonstrating that the capacity to carry through cures is an innate human potential and can be learned.

Already the experiments of the Dr. Miller carried through with some custodians, had shown that the curativas energies could affect systems livings creature and not-livings creature to a distance of more than 559,23 miles, what corresponds 900 approximately km However, have stories that the energy generated in the House of Dom Incio of Loyola, for the group of conjuncts (current) has the power even though to cure to any distance, exceeding the Brazilian borders. Perhaps, for this reason it is possible to find thousand of foreigners come of all part of the world the search of relief for its sufferings. The diverse species of curativas energies are associates to a variety of phenomena. The cure for imposition of the hands could be described of form more necessary as magnetic cure.

It is carried through with the hands of the custodian well next to the patient and its effect tend if to mainly reveal in the levels reequilbrio physicist-etrico. In opposing way, the cure spiritual acts not only in the levels physical and etrico as well as it contributes for the reequilbrio of the levels of the functions: energy, astral, mental and of other superior levels. In addition, the cure spiritual can in such a way be carried through in the presence of the patient as well as, with the separate patient and the custodian for great distances. The energy, in form of an invisible magnetic field, passes through the blood, bones and fabrics, so easily how much to the energy of the light it passes through a glass plate. In this way, it can be concluded that we are not so only a physical body with a spirit. But yes, with priority we are a spirit that if it uses of the substance.

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