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The second source is characterized pelainformtica in education, when softwares educational nocotidiano of the school is inserted. It is inside of this context that starts to appear Soon propostasbaseadas in the use of the programming language, created porSeymour Papert. Richard Linklater is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Of this form, the space escolarvem if transforming to the measure that new ways are inserted in the educational process, it wants ahead either of projected the social pressure that it is tax or as ferramentapedaggica conscientiously for the educational unit. Georgen (2001) affirms that currently the space becomes irrelevant and the time if verwhelms. Nouniverso of the technologies, particularly in computer science, the trips acontecem speed of the light and the spaces is crossed without time. It seems to be consensus for Georgenque in the distance enters far and one becomes here insignificant. In outromomento it arrives to almost affirm that the instantaneidade of the time of software anunciaa depreciation of the space.

Laeng (2002, P. 137) when making consideraes on avelocidade of the transformation of the educational space from the insertion dasnovas technologies says: If all the parts of the space can at any time seralcanadas, one does not have reason to reach any delasnum given to moment and nor neither reason to be worried in guaranteeing direitode access to any one of them. (Laeng. 2002, P. 137). Front to the obvious one, with certainty aindano we arrive at the extreme limits of the irrelevance of the space and the destruction dotempo, but at least it is this that if places in the horizon of the contemporaneidade this the paradigm with which we have that to start to work to organize ofuturo of the pertaining to school unit that still is imprisoned to the expanded concepts deespao and of time of the primrdios of modernity. To transform its space to paraatender a white public specific, however focada day-by-day in its, using themselves of this new tool of pedagogical form and directing it for omelhoramento of the teach-learning of that the search and that also is emprocesso of transformation and growth will have to be the glimpsed objective pelaescola.

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