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Harmful Cosmetics

Of course, neat and beautiful nails – the key to success. So, if you do not have time or desire to wait for the naughty nails grow back finally to the desired length and it does not break down, there comes to the aid procedure – Nail. Mass of women are wondering whether the harmful build up your nails? Master of earning money on it, he replied: "No", or "painted, too bad." He himself can not understand everything, bad or not, not everyone Wizard is a medical degree. If you disassemble everything we can to answer this troubling question. Film director: the source for more info. Nails, like the skin, eyes, hair in need of oxygen supply. When using paints, and even more artificial materials, access to interrupted, so the nail can not breathe. What is it dangerous? It all depends on the properties of immunity customer and quality of the wizard. In the case of the nails on tips, if it was attached with a hit air, the formation of anaerobic bacteria (those that live without oxygen), it manifests the appearance of yellow spots, which then turns into brown, and later accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

In general development of the fungus. The same may evolve in the poorly made the correction, regardless of the nail (tips or forms), that is, if the artificial nail and began to retreat under him came the air, and master is not removing this site, just put new stuff on top. In this case, access to a doctor. Nail, are subjected to constant build-up, gradually thins, breaks, may expose some surface of the nail bed, which is accompanied by painful sensations. Gerald Weissmann, MD may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

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