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High School

Given the tightness, piling up all of the above and ropes hanging from the laundry. There was time for lunch … They sat at one table. Among the drying shorts and running around kids. Cook brought pots of soup and porridge, placed on the table with salad basins, where "our" and "wrong" people began to poke their forks. Use your imagination, one could imagine that you are not a customer, and just being at a party in the tourist camp that live on it, camp, laws, and everything is fine. One trouble: for every day you pay 420 USD. Again, to quote the site: "The island has reached the maximum comfort possible for the campground.

Center field has a cozy fireplace and evening gatherings. There is a light from a generator, tents from the rain, dining space, separate kitchen tent, two toilets are sufficiently far from the camp. " Leave without comment and will continue to narrative. Sergei and I meanwhile were looking forward to that now, after dinner, there will come a time when customer go to the instructors at the professional rafting, and everything will work out: the water relieve tension, there will be another emotions and a new level of understanding. But here there was terrible. That is something we all could not have imagined.

Cook appealed to the group. His speech contained two sends. And it was simple and understandable to everyone. Firstly, the second overlay in the same plate, from which ate the soup. Secondly, everyone washes dishes for a self. Where to wash? But in these three plastic bowl. First, the fact that diluted dishwashing liquid. My dishes in it with a sponge. Then in second rinse basin. And then rinse in the third. Water in all coxae was a very muddy, but customers dutifully lined up for them with their plates. Sounded the word "unsanitary." "High School labor camp for 420 USD per day "- we would be willing to have even admire the unusual event.

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