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How to circumvent censorship with wit in it, the Chinese population trots out his wit to Dodge tight government control, which blocks key words, e, even user profiles by spreading what qualify as rumors. For example, if people want to talk about the son of the former Bo Xilai, Bo Guagua, writes melon, which in Chinese is migua and is phonetically similar, explains the student. Professor Huang Dianlin, expert in international communication, says the stance of Chinese leaders. The official attitude toward the networks social is profiting, but, at the same time, control them. This last objective is increasingly difficult, because you cannot predict the development of society, often produce unintended consequences.

This year, the Chinese Government resorted to all kinds of methods to increase control, from paying users to publish favorable comments to the Communist Party in networks, to promote that Weibo, the most popular, impose the record with real name and surname. But, far from preventing internet to disseminate the debate in China, social networks began (in the style of what happened in the Arab spring) to encourage mobilization. That’s what happened in the latest massive demonstrations registered in China, as in Shifang, a city located in the Western Province of Sichuan, where the protest of hundreds of people ended up with the project of a chemical in the area plant and the dismissal of the Mayor. The protagonists were secondary school students, who, with their phones, immortalized the manifestations and shared them on the Internet, thanks to the technology of smartphones, which has begun to spread in the country considerably. In a matter of two years, users with data on the mobile rate have passed the 102 million to the nearly 400, almost 300% more. Against this, Professor Shen Hao, the University Communication of Peking, ensures that the politicians are starting to listen. The recent decisions by the authorities thus seem to indicate that, as in the case of the protests of Shifang, when the Mayor’s dismissal was announced through his Weibo, where demonstrators expressed their complaints.

The change of environment in China is the biggest change in the country in 10 years, emphasizes Professor Huang Dianli. One of the keys that match communication experts is that political reform is needed, since the social as is occurring. The fear is being lost and already, some even speak of freedom. Thus cited communication student, who, wisely, supports remembers it: Yes, we have begun to talk, but freedom cannot be taken from the evening to the morning. See more: social networks: the civic revolution that fighting for change in China

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