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As I mentioned in the previous article, build a mailing list when carried out campaigns of marketing of any product or service, it is not an option. It is vital. This is due to that, based on experience, clients, generally, don’t buy the first contact you have with our web site, our business or our product. One of the topics frequently addressed by marketers of the internet refers to a marketing campaign conversion rates. For most of them agree that the conversion rate is, on average, 2% of the traffic that comes to our web site. The foregoing leads us, immediately, to ask ourselves, what happens to the 98% of people who visit our website and who do not buy. It is very likely that these people are interested in our product or something similar and so arrived to our website in your search. Hence the need to capture the information of these visitors, mainly your email, will give us the possibility of selling them in the near future.

The probability is high, since they already showed interest in a first visit. Analyses about business on the internet, both in the English market and the Hispanic market, have pointed out that most clients require, between 7 and 10 contacts with the product in which they are interested, before you buy it. Therefore, equal amount of messages or emails, before the purchase and shipment, there will be necessary the need of having their e-mails on our list. The above tells us, the necessity of having on our list, the greater amount of emails possible, people who are interested in the products or services that we are selling or promoting. Keep this in mind, something critical to your business. Put it on your list of priorities when you undertake a project of internet business. Despite the saying that businesses should not be mixed with love, both have a great similarity.

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