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IQs Get Higher as New Generations Emerge

You've probably heard about the results of studies that show that young people even children take tests at iq better parents. The results are amazing, the difference in iq may not exceed 50%! The question arises: "Is earlier so badly taught in schools? Or children can now learn to become better ". And if so, then why are not children show good results in tests and examinations? That is, it turns out that when tested specific knowledge, no phenomenal results there, and when carried out psychological test or a test for iq, the children show great ability. Based on these results, even had a theory that schooling contributes to the suppression of innate abilities of children, drives them into a certain framework. Well, perhaps this is so.

But there is a simple and logical explanation. Remember how many times you take the test at school? and Whether you have them at all? And how many articles about how to prepare for the tests you've read? (Link to this article notes) The fact that constant training can significantly improve test results. Now psychological and iq tests are carried out on a lot more in schools. Universities move to the Bologna system, which involves constant testing. It is not surprising that the children show good results during the tests. Incidentally, the best results shows the younger generation is during the tests of logic and erudition.

The results of the professional tests, which require certain knowledge – much modest. But even in this case, the ability to correctly calculate time to carefully read the question and choose the most appropriate answer seriously affect the result. In addition, a person who regularly deals tests less afraid of them, and therefore less nervous. And as a consequence reduces the number of random and mechanical errors. The conclusion is simple. If there is any chance that you are in employment will have to pass tests, not lazy, look for the tests on the internet and go several times. There are good sites with collections of tests (see link in notes). You are certain that within a few days will pass them much better. Good luck!

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