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Learning Communities

In addition, we clarified that holistic educators are working for a new society where learning communities, covering a point new education with heart holistic education we need to link with the construction of a society compatible with it, should be a much more balanced society in all respects, better than the industrial society and information society. "A society would be one that had integrated the conditions, structures, institutions and other elements that make it possible for individuals, such as integrated beings, could reach the highest level of evolution of consciousness." A new sustainable economic model necessarily requires an integrated education, an education that one mind and heart, which is integral individuals, a truly holistic education. The economy, education and spirituality are not contradictory aspects, the human needs of all three to live in this world. "The purpose of learning communities is the evolution of consciousness through a comprehensive and ongoing learning. Learning communities are space conscious creator of a new visionary all, sustainability, foresight, integrity and secular spirituality, a comprehensive, profound, and postindustrial transmodern for the XXI Century. "Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava." holistic education and learning communities have profound implications for human evolution, not merely reproduce the current global culture, but rather to the emergence of a culture of peace, a new stage of development of human consciousness. "Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava. In essence, we see that the implementation and development of a learning community, provides the fundamentals of holistic education by giving coverage to the 30 quadrants of the educational model multi-multidimensionality of this emerging paradigm.

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