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Lithuanian Republic

And even more so if you have promised to issue a specified budget whole service, how much more we can assume that you want to 'cheat' (or their money and permission to stay you'll never see, or you then provide an additional price list for the costs associated with the service, or someone very good (like Santa Claus) going to work with you free of charge and for my money ) guarantee for granting Residence in Lithuania can not no one and nothing! The presence of singles in those or other public bodies of the Lithuanian Republic, your actions match the norms of legislation, there is a legal entity in Lithuania, your own solvency (financial or professional), the potential benefits of your country, the regular payment of taxes, the availability of academic degrees or special education – none of the above items can not be guarantee of obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania! And even more so what is a fee (even if the contract) the company specializes in providing these services Therefore, if you give a guarantee – make your conclusions So for which, strictly speaking, there you have a question to pay? More on this later Permission to reside in Lithuania can not be issued earlier than the period specified in the legislation. Accordingly, if you promise to execute all up to 3 months – make your conclusions Even if you do not 'throw' in this case, it is certainly not 'nakolduyet' solution to the issue before possible. .

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