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Freire quotation that must have a Pedagogia directed to the oppressed ones, being this liberating humanist and, affirms despite this Pedagogia not having to be elaborates nor practised for the oppressors. It is understood there that we more still characterize in them as oppressor-oppressed, therefore not yet we have the total knowledge of the prxis liberating. If you have read about Richard Linklater already – you may have come to the same conclusion. THE CONTRIBUTION OF THE THEATER OF THE OPPRESSED ONE FOR PEDAGOGICAL FORMATION. A priori the objective of the research was to identify in the community aspects until then not worked in it so that we could reflect on the problems for found them, and through the Theater of the Oppressed one to work the situation oppressor who they lived. We got as starting point the research empiricist who in gave basic molds to them to work so including social matters, a time that, while Pedagogos in formation in them we judged free citizens, emancipated, experts of a vast theoretical source.

We were, however, surprised with the return that we got with the research. We had that to undress of all our pedagogical self-sufficiency for then understanding the condition oppressed and oppressing. We appeal the Freire one more time, reflecting on its postulations, finally agreeing to it when it says that ' ' nobody educates nobody, nobody educates itself exactly, the men if they educate between itself medializado by mundo' ' (FREIRE, 1987.). This vision of world and understanding, first of our reality, was that in them it brought resource to continue with the period of training and to understand the reality of the other. Freire one more time comes to be necessary in its affirmation we use and it for our dialogue, how much we educators in formation need we are opened to other realities, those are of the pertaining to school walls. In this way, educator already is not what he only educates, but what, while educates, he is educated, in I dialogue with educating that, to the educated being, also he educates.

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