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Professor Luis Machado

Now for the calculation.First of all, to add the fingers underneath, including those to touch.These are the ten.Here there are five of them, three in a hand and two in the other (marked in blue), reason why do 5×10 = 50. Next, the left fingers over those multiply to touch with the right fingers over which to touch.These are the units.Here there are two fingers of the left (marked in red), and three fingers of the right (green marked), reason why do 2×3 = 6.It adds this to the 50 already you have, and that does 56. There are separated the tens and the units in this technique, but it is tried to multiply 6×6, one is that the number of the tens is 2×10 = 20, and the number of units is 4×4 = 16.Added, this for 36 years, which is correct.Perhaps we can think about the 16 like one " llevar". This technique sees a little like magic, so here it is a test that it works. If you do not know to algebra, then you no it is going to understand this, so they ignore simply it.You do not need it to use the technique. We are trying to multiply two numbers.We call to them to and b. We touch to two fingers.In the left hand, there is 10 over the fingers touching, and b-10 in the right fingers.One multiplies these together ones to secure the units: (10 – a) (10 – b) = 100-10a – 10b + ab In the left hand, there is una-5 fingers underneath and like the caresses, and b-5 fingers in the right hand.One is to add and to multiply by ten: 10 xs ((A-5) + (b – 5)) = 10 xs (to + b – 10) = 10a + 10b – 100 To add these two together ones: 100-10a – 10b + ab + 10a + 10b – 100 = ab So the answer is ab or to, b times that are what we wanted. Professor Luis Machado C 5112565 086112108 SICOA Original author and source of the article.

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