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REASON Confidence

The CONFIDENCE Based on a code of norms and behaviors the confidence adheres to many social characteristics, either in any field that will have the necessity of its presence, and is not few, being thus it always has the existence of the confidence as a tuner of ideas and ideals. The government positions are based on the confidence on the people, since they are these that attribute under any or vote form another form of choice, its governing, democratically speaking. Societies basically are firmed in confidence, as well as; marriages, alliances of war and peace, friendships, and other spheres that exist two or more people, everything turns primarily around the confidence. Exactly when one of the parts knows that it could not be having to the same profitability that to another one. This exchange of interests generally firmed in alliances, society or simply investiture of responsibilities can very be directed well by the reason most of the time, exactly that I begin what it was had as rational something can later be seen as been improper. Or when it has the treason of one of the parts and I negotiate all it comes to be deploring to the other part. However the confidence has for proper itself the responsibility to bring us it tranquillity to be able to take our attitudes and thus to form what we call society, yes, therefore the experience in society alone if is possible when we have the personal availability to open hand of fears and incredulidades and to attribute to other fellow citizens trustworthiness that also is configured we for others. It makes thus if then, small parcels reliable, that later are materialized in bigger things augmenting in what it refers to all society. They are psychoactive constructions that appear in way to the necessities social human beings and in them if they credit to all the segments of our lives, simply moved by the reason and some times also for the emotions, already there leaving fully the rational scope or in case that some variant acts that not condiz with the waited one facilitates the discharge of guilt for this feeling.

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