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Repudiation Against The New Education Act

Democracy without freedom is a chimera Marcelo Ferrando Castro surprised the way how the current Government has acted in relation to the law on education, extremely important aspect for a country, and more, when education in recent years has been facing serious problems in favor of achieving its excellence academically, very needed to deal with the serious crisis that the country currently lives in the politicalsocial, economic. The truth, that a total repudiation has been manifested by the national, public and private universities in relation to the decision carried out on December 23 this year, to approve the new law of education, which according to their contents, articles that make it up, some of them, undermine democracy, freedom of functionality and autonomy of the houses of studieswhich will never accept what is stated in some articles it. . Is known that a group of Deputies, former allies of Chavez, he retired hours before the Chamber in protest, arguing that the adoption of a law abruptly they not convalidarian with its presence. It adds the country, com, that the new Education Act would determine that classes are based on the so-called doctrine Bolivarian, in a reference to the ideals defended by the hero Simon Bolivar, such as national self-determination and Latin American unity.

Critics warn that Chavez uses the term Bolivarian because thus it describes to his leftist political movement and therefore are afraid to enter a Socialist indoctrination in the classroom. The law leaves discretion of Ministers on duty Act when they consider that published content causes terror or incites hatred among children. But for the majority of members and this Act Government will return the social, ethical and humanistic character education and will give equal opportunity to students of any social class. Attacked journalists, in particular, warned that the law leaves open the possibility of immediate suspension of the activities of the media, when the governing bodies of the education so decided it worries as tells them to us when it comes to income, permanence, promotion, promotion and performance of the teaching of both the public and private sectors will be subject to the opinion of a social control; It is not more than the community committed to the Government.

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