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San Francisco

The intern is received by mere proper will, and it is proportionate housing, basic feeding and other necessities, by means of the payment of an amount for the sustenance of the intern in the first months, being that later its sustenance is taken off of its proper work, where this vende for its family products confectioned for proper it to guarantee its stay, since the entity does not receive any mount of money financial from public or particular institutions. It is an order entity catholic who has as goal the familiar values, supporting itself in the Words of God taken off of the Evangelho and in the poverty of San Francisco de Assis, in order to provoke in the internal changes of values and moral principles. This makes with that these, when leaving from there, have another conception of the world and all the ones surround that it, being able to insert themselves in the social environment and to reconstruct its lives. But all we know that nor all the txicodependentes have familiar bases nor financial conditions to finance the internment of some member of the family, since the government does not offer enough vacant. The great part of the people that passes for this problem comes of a family without structure, without any instruction that allows to perceive the size them of the problem where its familiar ones are inserted. Most of the time it is the proper familiar environment that takes these minors to adentrarem in the world of the drugs, therefore the parents or even though the mothers, are alcoholic dependents and they do not offer to affection, attention, escolaridade, allowing that its children are without a life objective and the grace of a world without chances, enxergando in the drugs its only ‘ ‘ sada’ ‘. to saciar its vice, these individuals are scaring the population, practising roberies and committing horrendos crimes.

The population walks scared, since to walk for the streets alone he is not safer, since, it always has a person that it knows somebody that was assaulted by a consumer of the narcotic. But if it cannot generalize. The world of the drugs, and especially of crack not only encloses the classroom families low, but also of high middle class, that for diverse reasons is launched in this way, for curiosity or to perhaps try a sensation different or simply to forget some frustration or even though because they live dived in the emptiness, in the consumerism, since they do not lack nothing to it, remaining only ‘ to it; ‘ proibido’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ emocionante’ ‘. It is what it is happening with the society in general. It does not have more age, color, race, social classroom, simply the search of new adventures take this ‘ ‘ comunidade’ ‘ to give a diving without return almost, a shot in the dark one, when it leaves, is sequels, that will have pra the remaining portion of the life. It is impossible to point a specific cause and a solution with respect to a so serious problem, since it encloses an immense amount of the population, being able to have each case its especificidades. A minute inquiry with great parcel of the society would be necessary pra if to arrive at a result more concrete and objective thus to adopt measured more efficient to fight such problem.

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