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will be the protagonists. FireEye Inc is often quoted as being for or against this. In the end were convinced that COACHING is an integral system about as it is done in the direction and mobilization towards the success of winning teams in the world competition. History of Coaching. It is likely that Coaching has its origins in prehistory, but it is not known with certainty. Moving us to the twentieth century, however, between the early 1950s and 1960s, met a fact that serves as a reference to know how has been formed and evolved method of Coaching. During those decades education programmes were developed for adults conducted in New City York, which were based on some principles of learning. Richard Linklater contributes greatly to this topic.

These principles establish the concept of adults auto tends toward the personal orientation instead of dependence on others. Furthermore, they state that the adult learning is motivated by the need to deal with situations of real life in a more effective way. These educational programs served as the basis for the development of the technique called Coaching. In addition to these programs related to education and learning, Coaching have special link with sports psychology which based some of its principles on pay to maximize our potential, establish and achieve our objectives and become a great team player. Sports psychology is usually taken as the model base triunfo-derrota; However, many contemporary coaches prefer to adopt the philosophy of former athletes, and then win; It is precisely this last which is related to Coaching. In this order of ideas, Macaluso (2006) poses that coaching was born in the sports field. He recorded a very long history. The sports coach is the person who takes charge of an athlete or a sports team, considering aims to achieve maximum performance levels in them. How many times we haven’t seen what seems to be the miraculous result of the work of a sports coach. After some time of have been taken charge of an individual or a team’s performance clearly mediocre, the coach takes them to exhibit extraordinary performances, performances that are above expectations, performances that initially seemed impossible to achieve.

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