Road Safety

During my recent stay in Moscow, following the conclusion of the First World Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, shared with a representative of the Catholic Church very interesting. It is also the Secretary for Transport at the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile, Father Raul Erazo Torricelli. Since then it has happened many times in my mind to write about the impact of the Catholic Church in road safety, since it is no secret that it has exercised for centuries an impressive influence on the development of society. It is important that there is a request under the rigors of the Vatican called the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, which is the ultimate representation Arz. Marchetto Augustine, who said in his speech in Moscow, which the Catholic Church considers the mobility a positive development for humanity, because it represents for the human being in work, social, cultural, health and trade and economic aspect . The Pontifical Council for the Pastoral work is developing a reflection on road safety which will be discussed later, which no doubt help foster proper education in the public road users. Numerous meetings are encouraging in the Americas dedicated to road safety and drivers' pastoral in recent times, with the firm intention of being the Church co-responsible with the State, in the modification of user behavior drivers , pedestrians and passengers, and influence children and young people especially in terms of prudence, responsibility and respect. Something that we highlight on this occasion, is the Firmazo in the conviction of the Catholic Church, have the possibilities to collaborate on road safety from the bosom of families. This intention represents a significant step in the goal that any country intending to reduce traffic accidents.

The Division Of The World

The division of the Tedulo world Lopez Melndez Been and nation Approximately a State implies relatively a well defined territory, a population and a central government whom the sovereignty exerts. A nation is a social and cultural being, conformed by people who share an historical experience and desire to live together. So that a Be-nation is a territory where a population of common characteristics shares a collective destiny and for which has a central power. The Be-nation finds its origins in European century XV. In some cases the State I create the nation by means of the exercise of the power by a central authority that seted out to construct a national identity. In other cases the nation I create to the State, since the linguistic common bows or other particularitities took cultural to look for them the legal form of their permanence. The Be-nation we know as it at the moment is born in century XIX, since before the straight divine call were effective according to which the authority of the monarchs descended directly of God. It is what monarchic absolutism has been denominated, with maximum expression in centuries XVI and XVII.

Then, especially in century XVIII, efforts are made take care of the population in which enlightened despotism has been denominated. Farmers, landowners, bourgeois and aristocrats moved under an order settled down by varied feudal systems while the sovereign maintained estatus and the customary right. It appears in scene the rationalism, new productive techniques denominated Capitalism and new administrative forms denominated bureaucracy. That is to say, no longer one goes away to the Bible but one goes away to the man and one considers that a science of the man can be developed. Fundamental personages like Hobbes and Locke conduct battle. No longer the divine origin is accepted and it demands itself to replace it by a limited and rational contract between governed governors and.

Institute Villa

Jose MORENO VILLA (1887-1955) out of solitude so vague and so concrete a thread of water; the water of exile, very similar to crying. Jose Moreno Villa. THE voice of poetry naked poetry nude and frankly human said Moreno Villa – have tried to do. And adds the Malaga poet: I have tried to say as more as possible and the simpler and more direct way. This purpose persists in effect, through his poetic work. Very beautiful are told us the songs of Moreno Villa Antonio Machado-.

I believe that none of us would make them better. The poetic work of Moreno Villa acknowledges a trend to the weighting and balance. He is a poet of his time who does not seem to be interested in the fashions of the day. Jose Moreno Villa was born in Malaga on February 16, 1887. It was always a lover of his native city. In twenty years I said – not you can see what is there.

Between Malaga and Churriana passes his childhood and both cities evokes in his exile. Learn the first letters in schools San Rafael and San Agustin. In 1897 joined as internal students of the colegio de San Estanislao, the Jesuits, the stick. There he studied three years. The fourth leaves school to be examined at the official Institute of Malaga. There finish your Bachelor’s degree. At the age of seventeen moved to Freiburg to study chemistry, but not to finish the race. According to Moreno Villa, tells us he could not nor I wanted to devote myself to analyse wines in Malaga to his return from Germany, after a short stay in Malaga, he moved to Madrid to open road. In 1911, it starts to travel over several Spanish cities. He starts his collaborations in Spain Magazine magazine of the West and, above all, in the newspaper El Sol.