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For in such a way, the PCN present a conception of directed language it interaction and always to be associated to real a communicative situation with the contents equal, however, the systematization and deepening must be differentiated. In the case of the writing the PCN will go to not only foresee and alphabetical the systems, and yes, the discursivo character, the direction, understanding, etc. ortogrficos. In way to these facts, they start to be problematizados the grammar concepts that would be thus divided: the normative one, that it would be a set of rules that must be followed; the descriptive, a set of rules that are followed, that they allow to speak of the language, to describe it, to say as is that it functions in the communicative process and to show as she is that she is said and if writes in this language; finally, the internalizada one, joint of rules that the falante dominates. The inefficiency of the education of the Portuguese language in the education system that prioritizes, par excellence, the education of the grammar with an end in itself exactly and not the functionality of the traditional method that places the professor of Portuguese language as the only detainer of the referring knowledge to the use of the language, it discloses the necessity to search new perspectives pedagogical. This because the adopted traditional model in the school made possible the sprouting of the antipatia, on the part of the pupil, not only to the study, but the proper Portuguese language thus contributing for the bankruptcy of the education system as a whole, therefore the abilities of writing and reading are indispensable for the development of the reflection in the too much areas of knowledge discipline of them curricular. Valley to stand out the propagation of the social preconception that the school through the linguistic preconception promotes, making with that sanctioned dialects less are considered as made a mistake; the lapse committed for innumerable professors, mainly of the first series, not to consider the linguistic and cultural luggage of the pupil, being thus promoted a rupture between the school and the reality. .

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