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The Policy In Mexico

Political parties are groups of women and men, legitimately constituted with ideological positions and common strategies on the development and organization of society, so to be able to access power and exercising it for the benefit of all. Source: Kindle Direct Publishing. These represent different ideas, visions and interests that exist throughout the length and breadth of the national territory, thus guaranteeing that pluralism and diversity of positions, expand the participation of citizens with options to choose between them, this is why that could say that they are indispensable to the democratic life of the country. But what happens when the ideals, and the foundations of a political party are broken by its same members when instead of using the party as a means of access to and help and benefit to all citizens, they use it only as a source of income which can be living to ribs of us citizensThere is when generating the question: in the future, where to go to get the political life of our country? We are now passing through a stage historical that we live a setback, reflects urban life growing dehumanization, the degrading effects have possibly come to their limits. The city as achievement of civilization has become a nightmare everyday by substituting values, producing deformation behavior ignoring human dignity. Violence has penetrated by all spheres of our society, becoming a culture accepted by the indifference of all of us, so the self-destruction among gangs, adjusting of accounts among drug gangs, the impunity of public and private officials in corruption and political killings have created a culture of dehumanization which seems very normal to see this on a daily basis. What we need is legitimacy of Governments based in electoral processes really democratic, where citizens are the most involved, we need absolute respect and development of human rights that we must hold all people in today’s society, curbing the violation thereof, a high to the corruption, the arrogance of politicians only hindering the smooth functioning of the Government in our country. The country does not need another type of political parties, political organizations along with their philosophies, statutes and principles only seek common welfare, certainly each in their own way; what our country and especially political parties need a society committed to change, committed to values such as respect, tolerance, justice, political parties need militants seeking not only reaching the power to exploit others and enrich is an easy way to citizenship ribs, they need men and women committed to their country and what it meanscommitted to the company you are representing, a society in need of being heard, a society needed a better government and tired of continue living in injustice, crime and poverty.

Making a change is very difficult, but not impossible, to start changing ourselves, by changing our way of life, leaving behind the corruption, aware of the responsibility and commitment so big that we have citizens, participating in political elections in our country, since without our vote the country will not advance. Mexico is our homeland, is the land that gave us birth, is a free country thanks to the effort, struggle and great love of so many men that they fought for something better. What we need, is keep fighting and do not forget that there are not two as Mexico.

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