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Urals State Agricultural Academy

It has no cracks and faults, and therefore not dwell fungi, which can become agents of allergic diseases. The very wood of spruce wood, which is made from laminated veneer lumber, has antiseptic properties and natural properly regulate the microclimate in the area. There is one important point – the environmental requirements for adhesive formulations. Glued laminated timber are manufactured using polyurethane or compounds that can cause irritation of the eyes, respiratory system and skin. Under existing standards, glues formaldehyde content should be less than 0.5 mg / liter. CEO Keith McLoughlin has firm opinions on the matter.

In this case, the producers and sellers of laminated veneer lumber should be sanitary-hygienic certificate – a document certifying the safety of the material. Many companies use glues that are based on recycled wood: for example, the compositions of the Swedish company Akzo Nobel. These adhesives are used not only in residential housing construction, but also in the manufacture of wooden utensils and cutting boards for foods. Mineral matter What is so ardently loved builders bricks, foam blocks, etc. – Are not they eco-friendly? Most of the materials of mineral origin are very safe for our health. However, it also should be confirmed with the manufacturer of sanitary certificates. Today, for Private housing offers interesting technology, which analogs were used in ancient times. For example, last year, scientists of the Urals State Agricultural Academy offered to erect houses of Arbolita (concrete mixture of cement and wood chips) with the use of clay plaster. Academy scientists believe that clay is very positive impact on the environment at home.

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