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The Procedure And Treatment For Teeth

When you need endodontic treatment? Endodontic treatment is necessary in case of inflammation or pulp infection, as well as inflammation in juxtahilar tissues (periodontitis, cysts, granulomas). Inflammation or infection can have a variety of causes: deep tooth decay, bad medical manipulations on the tooth, cracked or chipped a tooth. If pulp inflammation or infection can not be resolved in time, it can cause pain or lead to fester. What are the signs of needing to treat the tooth? Indications for endodontic treatment – pain, increased tooth sensitivity to heat or cold, pain when chewing and touch the teeth, tooth discoloration, inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Nevertheless, there are cases and no obvious signs of need endodontic treatment.

As a root canal treatment saves teeth? Dentist endodontist removes the inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleans and shapes the root canal, then fills it guttaperchivymi pins with pasta and establishes a temporary filling. Subsequently, the tooth can be restored filling or crown. After the restoration of the tooth is functioning as all healthy teeth. I will feel pain during or after the procedure? C modern methods of treatment and anesthetics used in our clinic, patients do not experience discomfort or pain, and vice versa can relax or even take a nap. During the first several days after treatment your tooth may be sensitive, especially in the presence of infection or pain before the procedure. Follow the doctor's prescription and the tooth will be healthy again. How much is it treated? Cost of treatment depends on the number of root canals, the degree of destruction, the degree of inflammation and prior treatment, or lack thereof. Root canals posterior complicated process, so the cost of their treatment is usually higher.

It is known that treatment and recovery of teeth – a less expensive process than the alternative prostheses and implants needed after a tooth extraction. Remote restored tooth prosthesis or implants for masticatory efficiency, as necessary to prevent the displacement of adjacent teeth and tooth antogonistov. These procedures are considerably more expensive than endodontic treatment and subsequent recovery. Timely cured root canals keep your teeth, save time and significantly reduce the financial costs. Do all teeth can be saved through endodontic treatment? Highly qualified doctors and modern technologies allow to save the majority of the affected teeth. In some cases, the tooth is difficult to treat due to late treatment the patient to a doctor and as a consequence – the irreversible changes in bone tissue. Often previous endodontic treatment was poor quality, which also causes some difficulties. Nevertheless, advances in dental treatment can save even those teeth are just a few years ago required explicit removal. When endodontic treatment is not effective, endodontic surgery is applied. Do I need special care for the tooth or additional treatment after endodontic treatment? After endodontic treatment you should carefully refers to the tooth and not to give him a big bubble load up as long as your doctor is not fully strengthen it. After building the only thing that is required is – regular hygiene.

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