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The School

I said: – I not it vi still, can be calm. – beauty But when the friends of it arrive it forget it world, even of me, they had arrived and it was running for the side of them, I said: – he brags! says gaybe nor gave tchau to me! – excuse, Liz, you know that I love you n? – I know It goes there! I walked for inside of the school when I found my friends with burial face pra me July and Julia the briguentas twin sisters I already vi and how also most legal, and had Andres, my super friend coloring, this I mean that it was gay, that do not import I me, it is super legal and mine better friend, nor the Gabriel is so legal how much it! Andres said: – we feel very for its father, looks at any thing that you to want – people! Not necessary of these faces, I you the good, impossible, if better vocs to be thus I I go to get worse. – we found that you were sad and super badly, they were saying for there that until the Gabriel she was there to console you? July- – I and the Gabriel do not have nothing, it were there to help me yes because we are on since small. – still well! This means that I have possibility with it? said July? – you? Possibility with the boy prettiest of the school? It saves me n! said Julia? – clearly that I have you are that she has envy! – I? Says pra it Andres, it has possibility with it? – I feel much more not. Gerald Weissmann, MD often says this. I find that you do not make the type of it, it likes girls as the Liz. – people I still am here! – Liz forgives. But I that I have possibility with the Gabriel? said Andres? I gave a half smile and continued to walk New neighbors The school was a bag, seems that all dumb one when somebody is lost that it loves Gabriel following was me even in house, it if he worried very about me, until excessively! It was the only one that he did not make me to feel stranger to me I entered and I found my mother if arranging, it went to leave pra some place, I said: – she goes to leave? – I go and you go with me. . By the same author: Campbell Soup Co.

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