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THE universities in time of CRISIS the basic requirement of the director is to be at the height of the tasks you must perform. Human quality is not a fixed size or any measurable quantity; It is a fluctuating value that raises and lowers, and when not climbing is that this lowering Peter Drucker aspects Basic, scope to stop us to develop this article we do motivated given the reality of the participation of our universities as regards to its social responsibility, commitment to the country, where one cannot deny a great divorce is given in government programs with what should be the role of the universities that you help to consolidate them into positive action for all involved. Increasingly we enter that our universities have not been able to activate reviews of how wings actions of the Government, especially in what concerns the possibility of changes in education will affect the behavior of university education, in their autonomy. We cannot deny that the University does presence through its guilds constantly before the disrespect for their rights to fair payment of their benefits, debts that are not yet met; but we read little about opinions that point where Venezuela is going with the socialism of the 21st century, what will be the role of the University, how joined the Government’s economic programs, which profile should be graduates of the different races, according to the characteristics of the current scenarios. Definitely, the participation of its academics, its students, its leaders has left much to say, and even more, when no new leadership that generates changes in the various disciplines in sight, as in the political, economic, technical, cultural to name a few. . The Venezuelan, characterized by its turbulent political scenario that has led to instability, nonconformity, deterioration in the quality of life of the Venezuelan, insecurity, indebtedness, apathy, dissatisfaction, questioned education, health among other topics, invites us to reflect the reason for this.

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