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Venezuela Education

Without democracy freedom is an illusion. Marcelo Fernando Castro is a fact, that the State Venezuelan is playing a letter very dangerous in their political aspirations of consolidating his political ideology to establish socialism in Venezuela, this time, deep into all matters concerning education, a very vulnerable tendon, which should know handle in such a way that does not involve reactions that can cause serious problemsas in the case of education and its impact on public universities, where must always predominate open thinking, free ideas, debate and above all, respect for their autonomy. The truth, ending before that year, the current under the direction of Lieutenant Government Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, has just approved the new law d education which has caused a reaction popular, especially students, University authorities, professors very drastic as this has been sanctioned by the way and above all, which involves many of his articles that seriously threatens University autonomy, which should always be respected and which guarantees democracy, freedom. The law was approved as is public knowledge: between roosters and midnight “and where Government, that can not deny it, not conducted extensive consultation with agencies and institutions that have to do with education, such as universities, students, University community. It seems to be according to current events forget President who is faithful admirer of the founding father Bolivar ideas, that as well reminds us: El Libertador Simon Bolivar in his speeches, letters and other documents, had a permanent concern for the educational event. Already in the speech of Angostura, 1819, he made clear that morality and the lights should be a primary fact of the Republic. The constitutional project ran the bases of the concept of State teacher, proposing the creation the House of education, which would establish the rules that would govern the teaching throughout the Republic. Likewise, he left testimony of great interest in the pedagogical problems posed by Simon Rodriguez, which takes innovative ideas and deals with aspects such as vocational orientation (tilting, temper and temperament), the need for the study of foreign languages and geographical as part of basic training knowledge.

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