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Verkhovna Rada

To the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine received a bill 7486-1, registered by the Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine D. Tabachnik. The bill provides for major reform of Ukrainian education system. According to the authors of the project, including the Party of Regions, Lytvyn bloc and the Communists, the objective of reform is to reduce the number of universities by their enlargement and improvement of the quality education. Experts warn that the legislative changes open the door to an uncontrolled increase in the cost of education and restricting the rights of students and teachers. In the case of a law executives higher education institutions will be able to determine the tuition fees for inflation. The law does not provide any framework, effectively opening up the possibility for an unlimited increase in the cost of training.

In 2010, the Minister of Education and Science, D. Tabachnik proposed to establish a minimum tuition fees in college at 8-9 thousand UAH. (Approximately 1 thousand dollars), and for a number of prestigious public university could cost study more than 20 thousand UAH. per year (2.5 thousand dollars.). It is worth noting that in Europe most prestigious universities offer students the education costs twice or even three times lower, while maintaining a high level of competition, stimulating high standards of learning. These standards are in Ukrainian, to put it mildly, not inferior. So why Ukrainians should pay for the education of such a high price at the absolute level of disparity Ukrainian and European salaries, and now the quality of education?

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