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Didactic Process

Therefore, all the emphasis in this question must have as endorsement the development of the transforming potential of the professor, for the daily exercise of the reflection, leaving of the problems of the academic reality of the university professor and conditions for which they enter. These differ from relative paradigms knowing to them pedagogical that they mobilize docncia (CARLINE; ESCARPATO, 2008). How much to the necessity to be always reelaborando the pedagogical knowledge, we pautamos in them in Pepper (1997) that it defends the importance to know to know to reinventar them pedagogical from practical the social one of the education, that is, to establish linkings between the contents and the seen concrete reality in room and it are of it. 4. RELATION PROFESSOR – PUPIL IN the DIDACTIC PROCESS the relation professor-pupil consists in another point of reflection, when we deal with superior education. Already observed to the questions of the titulao and the specific formation in the performance area, we focus the interpersonal relationship between the professor and the learning. The construction of this relation can have resulted positive and negative, therefore we understand that professor and pupil form a complementary pair in this context.

The academic difficulties cannot only be focadas in the pupils, she is necessary to invest in such a way in the pupil as in the professor so that if it does not install a vicious circle: professor-problem, pupil-problem, where if it installs a bigger damage for the formation of the pupil. (VASCONCELOS: AMORIM, 2011). The classroom is constituted of interpersonal relations where the professor explains, he answers, he inquires, he reprehends, he praises, and the pupil questions, answers, interacts, at last, a universe of attitudes for which if they relate. As much the professor as the pupil must find in the classroom a place where, beyond the search of the knowledge, either a space of convivncia, affective bond that they correspond to the necessities of who the search.

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