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Every dawn brings after if, a new day of life. And with the, always the same routine: get up, shower, get dressed, leave, coffee of the morning, etc. Then, go to work, solve problems, deal with the people, the bustle of the hours, go home, reunited with loved ones, sleep, live or die. Who knows. I’m particularly tired of always seeing these same things and do not understand the strength and enthusiasm of the human being. It should be for what I do.

Because this makes my soul to accumulate a suffered fatigue, that sometimes violates and will not let me fulfill my sacred duties. Sucked indeed, up to the limits of an aberrant incomprehension. So one day I decided to make me the rebel and declare me in absolute disobedience, since he wanted to see the world in a different way. The night before had begun plotting my conspiracy against the universal laws, leaving off to timely and sharp diminishing clock. Besides, I dedicated myself to reading another book that I always wanted to read and not the book of life.

By what that night, couldn’t sleep without any information that would make me reveal, as he was accustomed, in a manner that does not stay doubt before my determination in wanting to carry out my particular labor disobedience. But then, happened at dawn, I saw how my body was flying through a window, and not be if it was a dream, but you notice something that I still had not seen. Therefore going flying, clearly saw the treetops of the trees, the birds in flight, the sidewalk that is made between a neighborhood houses, where was a group of children on the way to school, some holding hands by their mothers and in hasty step, as apparently they were late. Then, trace the roofs of those houses to go to give up to a group of buildings where unintentionally, through their Windows, I saw a parent who took breakfast while you show the newspaper of the day, I saw a mother raising a baby from his crib to give you take your bottle and I also saw a woman ironing her blouse on what looked like the dining room table while he paid attention to the news of the TV.

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