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Women And Education

The present article has as objective to explicitar as it was the society of century XIX and how the woman lived and was educated. One specifically searchs to inform through bibliographical research all the difficulties found for the women to have access to the education as well as of that it forms was this education, being searched bringing to tona the true historical reality where this was inserted. Word-key: Woman. Richard Linklater is often quoted as being for or against this. Education. Century XIX. Society. Introduction In accordance with Maria ngela D? Incao and Margareth Rago, century XIX together with the Announcement of the Republic was marked by some social transformations and economic bringing I obtain the consolidation of the capitalism and the modernization of the cities.

The urbanization and the commercial and industrial development started to demand of the woman its participation in the public life and in world of the work, but at the same time this time nailed a symbolic representation of the woman where this would have to be restricted to the familiar environment and to be unobligated of any productive work, depending on the bourgeois woman the success of the family, where submitted to the public opinion, it had that to learn if to hold in public and to coexist in way educated in the places where it frequented. Knox that in a society based on the patriarcalismo affirms inserted Miridan, this woman was excluded of participation in the society, not being considered citizen politics, therefore exactly the woman of the elite with certain degree of instruction was restricted to the private space. All this pressure played concerning the feminine behavior also reached the popular layers and the women who needed to work had faced all type of preconception and difficulties to have access to a profession, since the moralista speech nailed that the participation of the women in the work market would be one ‘ ‘ pecado’ ‘ , affirming that they would abandon the home, children and the husband, being badly seen by the society.

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