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Mendoza is without a doubt a province blessed by nature with a huge amount of wonderful landscapes and sites worth visiting, which make us remember the smallness human when we contemplate these immense valleys, huge mountains and stormy rivers. The Atuel Canyon, one of these sites is more than enough reason to look for accommodation in Mendozapara your next vacation. Only 160 km from the city of San Rafael, along a route of roads paved and well preserved, we find this extension of the River about 100 km in length. The Canyon of Atuel is fencing Nihuil dam and the dam of Valle Grande, regulating its flow. Traditionally the tour begins by this last dam and ends at Nihuil. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from KDP.

The area is purely tourist and has a good infrastructure of services with a health center and numerous campsites to be able to stay, with all the necessary services to spend a few days of tranquility and total security. Is not an error saying that the Canyon of Atuel is paradise for those who enjoy of the adventure activities in the open air and tourism. Especially its waters are suitable for the practice of rafting and canoeing, and also you can practice rappelling, 4 X 4 trips, horseback riding and days of cycling along the many trails marked for that purpose. But an activity that will delight those who love sports with adrenaline is the practice of paragliding. You may want to visit film director to increase your knowledge. The paraglider is a sport that consists of lowering the top of the mountain by means of a parachute. Skilled pilots can take advantage of the current upstream to gain in height and can remain for several hours in the air. This is an experience that will enable who practice it appreciate bird’s incredible landscapes from Mendoza and a privileged view of the Atuel Canyon. One of the most interesting features of the Canyon of Atuel is the myriad of form characteristic rock formations, which have been worthy to them put allusive names: the beggar, the hanging gardens, monsters, the enchanted city, the Chair of Rivadavia. Installed levees contributed to the formation of two artificial lakes: Lake white lands and the Aisol. Ultimately, for those who enjoy the mountain scenery but also looking for a place that offers them the best hotel in Mendoza, the Canyon of Atuel is the right place.

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