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Aspects Of The Mind

The thoughts or behaviors that are repeated reinforce and deepen these grooves. Unhappy people tend to have more negative neural tubes. ( Shimoff, 2008, p. 36, 48.49). If we reflect on the contributions mentioned above, we realize that progress on the knowledge of the human being has made great progress.

Science in its infancy devoted himself to investigating only the physical aspects of man as the organic functioning, the constitution atomofisiologica, pathologies, etc. as time passes, their jobs evolve and take it to investigate and not just on the subject, but on aspects of the mind, as is the case of contributions psychological, philosophical, educational, or sociological, we see that going beyond these levels, the science research lies unexplored levels, which as mentioned above from the eighteenth century are denied, it is subjective aspects of being, they walk on the edge of spirituality. Science begins to consider issues such subtle, such as awareness and conceiving are as fundamental as space, time or matter, and mentions Peter-russell – News ResultsCyprus Conference in April Brings World’s Human Potential Visionaries Together PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance – Feb 03 06:01am’Women Want’ a bad knockoff Jam! Showbiz – Feb 02 09:56pmDelivering oil no picnic with mountains of snow in the way Greenwich Time – Feb 01 03:30pm’>Peter Russell, physicist, psychologist and computer scientist at the University of Cambridge, winning awards for his publications on the brain as seen from the whole. (Russell, 2001). Alongside this, schools come away from the factory model and placed in the center of spirituality, one example is the case of school-based Hindu Transcendental Meditation Maharishi and directed by M. (2009) they offer, as he says, a way to dive in happiness and bliss with benefits such as improved memory, creativity, reflection, health benefits, care, reduction of toxins, stress and violence, among others.

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