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Honest Prosecutor And The Supreme Court

The veto for the prosecutor Avelino Guillen, we know that came from the highest levels of political and economic power have in Peru. On the one hand Offenders Alan Garcia in the fear of being sentenced for their new crimes committed in this part of his government and its partners the Fujimori-Montesinos band that wants to free the leader of the gang, for which they are trying not entering the Supreme Public Prosecutor Honest and upright judges as it should be. All they want to impunity for all crimes they have committed and having completed his government can not cover up more and the cloak of shadows to which APRA is used to doing. But not only the judicial system is corrupted by the filth of corruption, so is the ministry of education. Where against all odds have validated a test that was leaked the answers so that its members could be rewarded with better grades, having been battered in previous reviews.

APRA will say give me test cases and to find if true the allegations. I'll tell you chapter and verse. Judge is the case of Santiago de Chuco Civil and Judicial power of the region that gave Liberty protects the right of an individual called QUISPE SANTOS GARCIA Hippolytus. Rather than a set of third document was the third student to be hired by 2008. This document was a forgery, but as the address of where the study was to APRA Teaching told him it was valid, but the teachers who prepared the document table and say that such claims are false.

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