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Basic Education

The quarrels of the axle formation and valuation of the professionals of the education place in evidence, the lack of propiciadoras minimum conditions to the good functioning of education in Brazil, being distinguished also the necessity of ruptures with current politics and in addition continusmos of the speeches. Axle V – Financing of the Education and Social Control the politics of investment in education in Brazil makes in them to bring in this text, reflections on as the development of such happens politics for maintenance and development of education being distinguished it importance of a financing system that guarantees the articulated functioning and that it encloses all the stages of education. The reform tax is placed in the document of the CONAE? 2010, as urgent necessity and that it is pautada by social justice and the balance regional and that are mainly, worried in guaranteeing enough and permanent financial resources for the efetivao of the social rights and distribution of income. The education in this perspective, will not have to be harmed, with respect to investments for no instability in the scope of the economic policy. Here, we detach basic education, to if speaking in investments, on account of the changes of deep from 1996 with the creation of FUNDEF and FUNDEB in 2006. Simon Schwartzman in the scientific article Basic Education in Brazil: the agenda of modernity places: The basic education is collective responsibility and must receive, in any society, a substantial part of the public resources. Public does not want to say, however, hierarquizado, uniform, monolithic and bureaucratic. The function of the state in all the levels is to provide resources, to fix goals, to follow resulted and to correct to the inaqualities and iniquities perestroika educational of that Brazil needs consists of returning to the schools the authority, the responsibility, the benefits and the eventual costs of its performance.

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