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Customer Loyalty

Who is king in business? Joan Claramunt 1. Customer Focus: "The customer is king." This is the concept on which turns the rest of the "philosophy" of relationship marketing. It is no longer in an economy in which the center was the product to move into a customer-centric economy. 2. Gerald Weissmann, MD contributes greatly to this topic. Customer Intelligence: You need to have knowledge about the client to develop products / services targeted to their expectations. To convert data into knowledge used databases and rules. 3.

Interactivity: The process of communication goes a monologue (owned by the client) to a dialogue (between the company and the client). Furthermore, it is the customer who directs the dialogue and decide when it starts and when it ends. 4. Customer loyalty: It is far better and more profitable (about six times lower) customer loyalty to acquire new customers. The Customer Loyalty becomes very important and therefore the management of customer life cycle. 5. The focus of the communication is focused on direct marketing individual clients rather than means "massive" (TV, newspapers, etc..).

It happens to develop campaigns based on profiles, special offers and messages targeted at certain types of customers, instead of using mass media with no differentiated messages. 6. Personalization: Every client wants and offers customized communications that huge efforts are needed in intelligence and customer segmentation. The personalization of the message, in substance and form, dramatically increases the effectiveness of communications. 7. Think of customers as an asset whose return is often in the middle and long term and not always in the short-term income. The client makes a reference to develop targeted marketing strategies to capture their value over time.

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