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The education becomes act to deposit where oseducandos they are receiving and ' ' saber' ' a donation of educator. In this casovaloriza more the noise of the word of what its transforming force. In the banking conception, the educator if puts to the front doseducandos by means of a vertical position. Thus, he has for purpose to keep adiviso between that they know and the ones that they do not know, between oppressed oppressors and, contributing for the maintenance of the values of the society oppressor. ' ' … Eisa the conception ' bancria' of the education, where the only edge of action that seoferece to the educandos is to receive the deposits, to keep them and to file them …

' ' (FREIRE, 1987, P. Go to FASEB Journal for more information. 58). here. The culture of silence and the contradiesexistentes are aspects of this perspective in which all the acabamarquivados men, therefore educating in this model of education abandons the critical one, areinveno, the inquietante, challenging search, constructing and desconstruir dasua reality. Such rigidity disables the knowledge as a conseqnciada search. The banking conception is one artifice in being able of the dominant ones, therefore its intention is to transform the mind of the educandos and not it situation that osaflige. This if manifest in the rights that if become favors and in the search to porajustar them it perfect society, changing its conscience and becoming-ossociveis. The populist vision that dirige Brazil has some time makes comque the men is enxergados as votes. A man is equal to a vote.

Dessaforma is spread out as common sense that for the fact to be voted, all the men socidados. For Freire (2005) … and takes root all the problem there, because, in agreement it eats pedagogia of the freedom, to prepare for the democracy cannot significarsomente convert the illiterate into voter, conditioning it the alternatives deum project of being able already existing. An education must prepare, at the same time, for a critical judgment of the alternative proposals, and give the possibility to deescolher the proper way.

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