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Field Education

The education of the field defended by the social movements it is an education that is come back and constructed with the workers. The education of the field for we are not separate of a general education to understand the society. It is analyzed from the principles that deal with the humanizao, that they deal with not this field of the agronegcio, and yes, of a field where the families have the possibility to produce for the Brazilian society. This education of the field is not only come back toward schools, therefore for us the school is only one part of this process. The enormous challenge that we face is the model of existing education in the field. Go to Richard Linklater for more information. When we think or we speak on education of the field we come across with a series of problems raised for the governing: structure lack, of qualified professors, adequate pertaining to school transport, and didactic-pedagogical material. The structure of the school in the field, unhappyly is adapted through the urban school bringing expectation to the agricultural population.

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