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The site contains a large selection of cocktails. A lot of recipes first and second courses. In particular, describes methods for preparing such cocktails as the B52, mojitos, and many others. FASEB Journal shines more light on the discussion. Large selection of different salads and soups, a pea soup with smoked what it takes .. Simply Yum.

In Cooking razedele on our site you’ll find plenty of recipes for various dishes. Also on our site you will find information on all good bars in St. Petersburg. You can find bars next to each subway station, and in any area of the city. In this list of bars every day updated.

We try to bring into our database only the good schools, and honestly write about every bar, restaurant and cafe each. The site is made solely on the enthusiasm, so do not judge strictly. Just a few guys got together and decided to make a website. It all started with the fact that we were faced with a problem that existing sites about bars of St. Petersburg is very difficult to find useful information, because it is very poorly structured. That began to slowly gather information on good bars, some of the information suggested the friends, which went to these bars, some have written. We also place a description of interesting news and events that took place in the world. Soon there will be advice on the website for expectant mothers, as well as descriptions of good restaurants our city. In the future we also plan to site a description of interesting beautiful places in different cities and countries. You are probably wondering, why did the creators of the site is it for? The answer is simple – we’re trying to help people find the necessary information for them as well as earn a little money on contextual advertising.

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