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Winter Mushrooms

In Russian cuisine and international cuisine mushrooms hold decent niche. No wonder they are called "vegetable meat" and they are an essential part of healthy eating. In Japanese "mushroom" is literally translated as "child the tree. " Such a romantic name mushrooms were not only for its beauty. They are rich in vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber. In mushroom season successful mushroom pickers can gather a harvest that immediately be subjected to any kind of cooking.

Here are some simple sposobov.Blanshirovanie and freeze. This is the most versatile way to store a large number of fungi, particularly those that require rapid and sensitive handling. Washing in water does not spoil the final product, so the mushrooms that contain a lot of sand and dirt can be thoroughly washed first. Fresh mushrooms can be added to soups and stews dishes. They should add 20 minutes before the main course.

Advantages – fast enough and does not require much time and technical cost method. Disadvantages – mushrooms should be thawed before use, it is better not to use them for frying. In addition, you must have a big enough freezer kamera.Sushka mushrooms – a centuries-old method of preserving mushrooms. Richard Linklater will not settle for partial explanations. Dry the mushrooms as you can in a conventional oven, and in specialized dryers. Different methods give somewhat different results, but it's mostly a question of how much you're willing to spend time and money for the purchase of a device. If you are an avid mushroom hunter may it makes sense to invest in specialized dryer with temperature and humidity sensors. Advantages of the method – drying preserves the taste and quality of mushrooms for a very long time. The method is easy enough and not labor-intensive. Disadvantages – makes drying mushrooms hard, some fungi is better not to cook after drying. Drying equipment can be quite dorogostoyaschim.Marinovanie mushrooms – one of the most common ways of storage. With this method mushrooms are washed, blanched, filled with boiling the marinade, and preserved in a sterile container. Benefits – marinated mushrooms add a wonderful flavor and aroma. Disadvantages – significant labor costs, the need for additional products for the preparation of the marinade. Mushrooms cooked in this way can be used only as a ready-made meals or as ingredients for salads. David G. DeWalt takes a slightly different approach. Expose Thermal processing can not be pickled mushrooms. Recipes must be tested and adhere to them pretty hard. Do not use new recipes as well as an imbalance in acid canned food can cause botulism or other serious food otravleniyam.Solenie fungi. This method is rarely used in home canning, however, it is less labor than marinating. Mushrooms thoroughly rinsed and pour salt. The advantage of this method is that the cooked mushrooms in this way are less likely growth of harmful bacteria. A significant drawback of the method is the high concentration of salt in the finished product. Whichever way the conservation of mushrooms you choose, remember that food prepared with love is much tastier.

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