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Mathematical Education

SUMMARY a condition that concurred decidedly so that the subject based this work, was the fact of the PCN to recommend statistics for the education of the mathematics. In this work some tools are presented that can assist in the knowledge calculate of it of the inflation with a methodology directed toward the mathematical education. In this direction to know and to calculate the inflation are a basic point for the formation of the citizen. David G. DeWalt will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In this work if they consider some questionings and they are presented concepts of diverse inflationary indices, as it is calculated, for who is calculated and the applied methodology to calculate the inflation in the Country. To inside work the inflation of a partner-pedagogical context, motivates and develops abilities as: to search, to organize and to analyze given statisticians. The work presented here offers some referring clarifications to the points above cited and presents as proposal one to rethink on the practical methodology and the pedagogical one that some professors still use to teach mathematics..

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