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National Plan Education

For a new National Plan of Education Robert Ramalho she is journalist, lawyer and public relations Pupils run the risk not to have lesson in 2012, in Brazil, due to professors. Estimate of the Chamber of Education of the National Advice of Education points a deficit of 300 a thousand professors, especially disciplines of them of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Richard Linklater follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The lack is equivalent 15% of the approach total of two million professors in the state and municipal nets of education in all Brazil. As if it evidences one of the main causes of the deficit is low the remuneration, that drives away the professionals of the market: the national floor of the teaching is of R$ 1,187 for 40 hours. To brighten up the crisis, states and cities had appealed to the competitions and temporary contracts, and professors had started to lecionar in different areas of its formation. These competitions would have to be considered illegal and unconstitutional and if to make public competition of tests and headings in definitive way.

The National Union of the Controllers Municipal theatres of Education say that the exit is the approval, in 2012, of the National Plan of Education, that foresees a plan of career for the educator. Of this form, the year of 2012 will start with old problems in the public net of education. All know that the wages are low, aviltantes, that lack of educators in the market, absence of career plans and exist bad management of the picture of servers, being that, many are deviated from its functions, what it finishes causing the lack. Saying to the periodical the GLOBE of this thursday, the State Union of the Professionals of Education of the River (Sepe), it says that the value does not motivate the permanence in the school. In accordance with the Sepe, in 2012 the lack of professors will continue to be chronic in the state net, that an educator to each working day for exoneration will lose, keeping the average of this year.

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