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The envolvement of the group was increasing during the accomplishment of the painting and this was evidenced well through the solution in the works, in which they had used the creativity, acquired knowledge already previously and that they had brought for the classroom. It was propitiated there from quarrels on the proposal, comparing and looking for to establish a relation it enters the thought of a pupil and the other, the teacher and the pupils. It fits to stand out that initially dimension was not had of how much the work would involve the pupils. One knows, however that they had looked for to observe the significant and characteristic traces of images, inquiring the consideraes made for the colleagues, assimilating them and decoding them, making a verbal reading of the universe in question. The experience was recompensadora, therefore the pupils had demonstrated capacity, availability, force of will and much devotion to the painting. Salient that the group of the EJA of the UNICRUZ worked with tenacity and devotion for the accomplishment of this proposal. The readings and the releituras carried through for the pupils show to the diversity of meanings and the experiences of each one of the involved ones, that they had looked for to give a personal direction for the images which were observing and if inhaling.

CONSIDERAES FINAL the gotten results point excellent perspectives and are demonstrated through the relation of the production of each one of the pupils with its daily one lived. They are also proven by means of the valuation of auto-esteem when recognizing its potential to elaborate a work that until then believed to be inapt to carry through. If to include to the group interacting of intra-organic form interorgnica disclosing still the magnifying of its possibilities social and cultural and the capacity to create of independent form, through the establishment of the relations between the Real and the imaginary one.

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